Work packages

The AIMS3 project consists of 3 main work packages (WPs), two of which cover a range of tasks related to mid-ocean ridge flank exploration and a CCS experiment located there, and a third of which focuses on sensor and lander development/optimization and deployment on mobile platforms for cost-effective monitoring at and adjacent to CCS sites. These three work packages (WP1-3) are interconnected by two more (WP4-5), of which WP4 summarizes the results of the field and numerical studies for capacity calculation of a basaltic CCS approach, societal feasibility, and transfer to decision makers, stakeholders, scientific users, and also for society. WP5 addresses project coordination and management as well as networking of AIMS3 within the DAM research mission as well as outside in the research community. The matrix of these work packages, including the WP leads, can be seen in the WP figure:

Schematic structure of the AIMS3 project, with each work package containing a number of tasks and subtasks and associated milestones. At the top of the figure, the linkage to the DAM research Schematischer Aufbau des AIMS3-Projekts, wobei jedes Arbeitspaket eine Reihe von Aufgaben und Unteraufgaben sowie zugehörige Meilensteine enthält. Oben in der Abbildung ist die Anknüpfung zur DAM-Forschungsmission als Ganzes dargestellt, vornehmlich zu ASMASYS (Transfer) und RETAKE (Koordination).